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“The cry of the Spirit coming from the Throne Room of God is a divine, universal call to prayer … never before has there been a greater need for Christians to know how to pray with power, to pray prayers that are beyond ordinary prayer, and that are divinely energized and charged by the Holy Spirit. Normal prayers of Christians are insufficient to provide this world with the spiritual breakthroughs that we must have now. Dr. Morris Cerullo.

Our prayers, now more than ever, must become spiritual nuclear weapons that will devastate the powers of Hell. Christ desires for us to live in a powerful, supernatural dimension of prayer where nothing is impossible for us! Do not be satisfied with the status quo! Do not be satisfied with living below the full potential of the true power of prayer that Christ intended for His Church to possess!

Let the cry of your heart today be, “Lord, teach me to pray! Teach me to be a spiritual special forces operator that is willing to step into a new level of strategic warfare prayer to bring about breakthrough in my house, community and in the nations!” There are no limitations or obstacles that can stop you from learning to pray prayers that will touch the heart of God and set you on the path to accomplish His will over your life, family, and ministry.

Do not let fear overtake you. “Regardless of your current level of experience in prayer, Christ is calling you to rise up and join Him, at His side, in strategic prayer and intercession that will result in entire cities, nations, and people groups being transformed by His power!”

Be as a child teachable, moldable, and trusting that the Holy Spirit will guide through every step of your spiritual journey and will teach how to be effective and efficient in the spirit through prayer.

Humble yourself before God. This is a New Year, a new season and a new beginning. Release all that is holding you back such as hurt, distrust, disappointment, unbelief and negative mindset.

Allow the Holy Spirit to minister to you. Set yourself on the course of prayer. If you have been going through some tough times or have backslidden, it might be difficult for you to pray. The shame, condemnation, hurt, or disappointment that you are feeling at this moment is not from God. It is the devil himself keeping you from seeking God’s Presence and embracing the grace, forgiveness, and freedom He has freely given to you. Start with some five to fifteen minutes. Be consistent. Even if words don’t flow out of your mouth. Start by giving God thanks for your life, your family. As your guard comes down, the Holy Spirit will minister and lead you in your prayers.

Prayer is not an unreachable and unattainable gift. It is a gift from God to all who desire to communicate with Him.

Let’s Pray Together

Heavenly Father, I come humbly and boldly, today, before Your throne to ask for Your forgiveness, in true repentance of my sins and transgressions. Lord, forgive me of my double mindedness and self-dependence. Father, I release all shame and condemnation and willingly accept the forgiveness, grace, and freedom You have granted me through Your Son, Jesus Christ. Help me to relinquish all my pre-conceived ideas, thoughts, traditions, and ideologies that are keeping me from coming closer to You. Lord, give me a supernatural hunger for Your Presence. I pray for a fresh anointing and impartation over my life. Holy Spirit, teach me your ways and enable me to be an efficient and effective prayer warrior for the Kingdom of Heaven, in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen.

God has given us a prayer mandate – a powerful end-time strategy for reaching the world and fulfilling His will in our household and in the nations before Christ returns.

Join us for corporate live prayer every first week of every month this year and beyond Monday and Wednesday 20:00 – 21:30 pm GMT straight from our Online Prayer Conference on Zoom.

Call to Action:

Whatsapp Link: LMC Global Prayerforce 

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