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Prayer is the most intimate form of communication between God and His created man in his own image and likeness, because it is the heart of man communicating with the heart of God. We need prayer, and not just prayer, but prevailing prayer. It is our lifeline to God.   

Genesis 32 gives an example of prevailing prayer. In the account, Jacob was traveling home with his household after twenty years away. He was in great distress about reuniting with his brother, Esau, whom he had defrauded of his birthright. As the travelers reached the last leg of their journey, Jacob separated from his family for the night, and we read in verse 24 that he “was left alone; and there wrestled a man with him until the breaking of the day.” As dawn approached, the man said to Jacob, “Thy name shall be called no more Jacob, but Israel: for as a prince hast thou power with God and with men, and hast prevailed” (verse 28).

The Bible gives a few more details of Jacob’s encounter in Hosea 12:4-5, which show it was not just a physical wrestling match that took place: “Yea, he had power over the angel, and prevailed: he wept, and made supplication unto him: he found him in Bethel, and there he spake with us. Even the Lord God of hosts; the Lord is his memorial.” Jacob had prevailed with God in prayer, and as a result, his family went on to be welcomed by Esau in peace.  

Prevailing prayer is prayer that has power or influence with God. It is the type of prayer that is capable of producing results, prayer that accomplishes something.

The word prevail means “to endure, accomplish, triumph or overcome, and have power or influence.” Therefore, prevailing prayer is prayer that has power or influence with God. It is the type of prayer that is capable of producing results, prayer that accomplishes something, prayer that engaged divinity with humanity. And to prevail in prayer means to endure until you have prayed through to an answer.

Prevailing prayer can be born out of a desperate need or a hunger for the things of God. It can be born out of a heavy burden for the condition of our own souls or the souls of others. Often it involves hours on our knees before God Almighty. Jacob wrestled with God all night. If we are willing to do the work, we too can prevail with God through prayer; we can gain the victory over trials and temptations. To prevail takes faith, sincerity, obedience, humility, and persistence. Looking into each of these can help us in our own prayer life in our war room every day.  


It has been said that “God moves mountains, but faith and prayer move God. There are many examples in the Bible of people who had influence with God through prayer, and in every instance, we find that faith was present. The reason for this is given in Hebrews 11:6, “But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.” Wherever there is prevailing prayer, there will first of all be faith.

If our prayers are met with silence, we should not walk away. Our faith will be strengthened and rewarded if we will keep pressing on, keep praying, keep prevailing.

One woman whose faith had influence with the Lord that enabled her to prevail was the Syrophoenician mother who came to Jesus crying, “Have mercy on me, O Lord, thou Son of David; my daughter is grievously vexed with a devil.” Seemingly untouched by her cries, Jesus “answered her not a word.” This did not dissuade the woman, however, and she persisted in faith. If our prayers are met with silence, we should not walk away. Our faith will be strengthened and rewarded if we will keep pressing on, keep praying, keep prevailing. The disciples appeared unmoved by the woman’s pleas as well, and asked Jesus to send her away because, “She crieth after us.” Still, she pressed on. Then Jesus told her, “I am not sent but unto the house of the lost sheep of Israel.” The woman could have taken offense and given up, but instead she came and “worshipped him, saying, Lord, help me.” What beautiful words! Our prayers do not need to be fancy to be effective; they just need to be from the heart. Jesus addressed her again, saying, “It is not meet to take the children’s bread, and to cast it to dogs.” Refusing to be put off, the woman reasoned with Him, “Truth, Lord: yet the dogs eat of the crumbs which fall from their masters’ table.” Jesus was moved, and He responded, “O woman, great is thy faith: be it unto thee even as thou wilt” (Matthew 15:22-28).


We must pray with sincerity. Prevailing prayer comes from the heart. It is not made with little commitment, and it is not a cold or careless prayer made with an indifferent attitude. Jesus rejected the prayers of the scribes and Pharisees saying, “This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me” (Matthew 15:8).

Part of being sincere is being focused and intentional when we pray. Prayer is a conversation with God, so we must be engaged mentally in what we are saying. A minister once gave some practical advice concerning this. He said we should pray out loud when we can, not because we want to be heard by others, but because it helps us to concentrate on what we are trying to communicate.

There are times when words are not enough to express what we feel inside. The woman who touched the hem of Jesus’ garment did not say one word; she spoke with her whole being (see Matthew 9:20-22). She touched Jesus with her heart, and that was her unspoken prayer.

Hannah is another who cried out with her heart and not words. Though her prayer was silent, it was fervent. The account found in 1 Samuel 1:1-17 relates that “she was in bitterness of soul, and prayed unto the Lord, and wept sore.” Her prayer was full of consecration also: “She vowed a vow, and said, O Lord of hosts, if thou wilt indeed look on the affliction of thine handmaid, and . . . give unto thine handmaid a man child, then I will give him unto the Lord all the days of his life.” Those around her could not hear her prayer for “she spake in her heart; only her lips moved, but her voice was not heard,” but God heard. Even the priest thought she was drunk, but she told him, “No, my lord, I am a woman of a sorrowful spirit: I have drunk neither wine nor strong drink, but have poured out my soul before the Lord.” She poured out her soul, yet nothing came out of her mouth.

When our prayers are focused and sincere, when we cry out to God with our whole hearts, He will hear and answer speedly.


Looking again at the account of Jacob, we see that God called him to return to the Promised Land: “And the Lord said unto Jacob, Return unto the land of thy fathers, and to thy kindred; and I will be with thee” (Genesis 31:3). God had given Jacob a blessed heritage with a wonderful covenant restating promises made to his grandfather Abraham, that he and his descendants would inherit the land of Canaan, become a great nation, and be a blessing to all mankind. By instructing Jacob to return to Canaan, God was in essence calling him to dwell in the midst of His promises, in the midst of His will. This is a place where God can bless.  

Prevailing prayer must be made within the promises of God. We prevail when our entire lives are aligned to the truths of God’s Word.

Prevailing prayer must be made within the promises of God. We prevail when our entire lives are aligned to the truths of God’s Word. God blesses as we pray according to His will. We can try in prayer to wrestle God to our way of thinking, but unless our request lines up with His revealed Word, our efforts will be unproductive.

People seek revival and they want to prevail with God for it, but unless there is surrender, there can be no victory. Before there can be revival, there must be total submission. If we want to have the fullness of God, we will need to be emptied of everything that crowds out God.

The prospect of returning home put Jacob in a predicament; he would have to face his brother Esau and the consequences of stealing his birthright. Jacob was terrified for himself and his family, and with good reason, for his brother had sworn to kill him. However, Jacob knew that to be a partaker of God’s promises, he needed to obey God’s will and return home, and this meant making peace with his brother. Just because God commands us to do something does not mean it will be easy; it does not mean there will not be distress or discomfort. However, if there is no restitution, no making amends, there will be no prevailing. We will not be able to dwell in the Promised Land or obtain the promises of God until we have done everything in our power to rectify past offenses. When everything is cleared up, when all is on the altar, when all is surrendered, God will hear our prayers and we will prevail.


With much fear and anxiety, Jacob sent servants to Esau to tell him he was coming, and his message was one of humility. He addressed his brother as, “My lord,” and he described himself as, “Thy servant Jacob.” The message concluded with, “That I may find grace in thy sight” (Genesis 32:4-5). He wasn’t demanding honor as the son with the birthright; he approached his brother with humility. When the servants returned with the news that Esau was coming to meet him with four hundred men, Jacob went alone to pray. Problems in life will drive us to God in prayer and make us stand alone before God for his help. God allows trials in our lives to bring us to Himself. May we respond like Jacob did, with humility! He cried out to God, “I am not worthy of the least of all the mercies, and of all the truth, which thou hast shewed unto thy servant; for with my staff I passed over this Jordan; and now I am become two bands” (Genesis 32:10). We can see the humility, the lack of entitlement, in his prayer. He told God that when he had left his family twenty years earlier, all he had was his staff, but because God had blessed, he was now returning with two bands of people. He was reverent, grateful, and humble, and God heard his prayer. God can do something for us also if we will humble ourselves and call on Him.


Jacob had prayed before this crisis, and God had heard his prayers, but he did not yet have peace in his heart. What do we do when we have prayed and do not have peace? We must go back to God and pray again. And maybe, just as Jacob separated himself from his family to get alone with God, we will have to separate ourselves for a time of earnest prayer, and to wait upon God till he speak and gives us direction. Jacob needed an assurance in his heart, and that night God met him in the form of a man, a divine representative and they wrestled. When the man tried to get free of Jacob’s hold saying, “Let me go, for the day breaketh,” Jacob said he would not let go “except thou bless me” (Genesis 32:26). Prevailing prayer is holding on until an answer is received or breakthrough comes.

When we need something from God, we need to grab hold with all our might and with all our faith. Then, through the Blood of Jesus, we will have victory, we will prevail. Before departing, the man changed Jacob’s name, and this was a representation of how God had changed his character. Jacob’s name had meant “supplanter” or “ambitious deceiver,” and that is what he had been when he used trickery to steal his brother’s birthright. Now, he would be called Israel, the prince, the one who struggles with God and overcomes; the prevailer.

We want to have the type of prayer that is productive, that moves God to bless, and moves us forward spiritually. We need prevailing prayer. If we will endure on our knees, laying all on the altar of grace, and praying according to His promises, we will see God work in our lives.

Your Prayer Points With Bible Verses

Jeremiah 33:3:
3 Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.

Prayer is the key to unlocking the supernatural, when we pray; we bring forth the presence of God to take care of our human affairs. Jesus admonished us in Luke 18:1 that we should never faint in prayers, this is because as long as we don’t stop praying, we don’t stop winning. Today we are going to be engaging prayer with bible verses, this prayers is going to be focusing on knowing the will of God for your life and each prayer points has a bible verse attached to it. When we pray according to His will, He hears us, and His will is His word.

When your prayer is not backed up by scriptures, it is just a mere confession or lamentation, because the devil and His demons respond to the word not just your speech. What is written will always supersede what is spoken. The word of God is the Last bus stop to all the challenges of your life. That is why we backed up all this prayer points with bible verses. We are reminding God of what is written and we are basing our prayer points on the word of God that is settled forever. This prayer points with bible verses shall establish you in the will of God all the days of your life in Jesus name. I encourage you to pray this prayers with faith and also find time to study the bible verses, May the Lord our God release upon you now the spirit and grace to prevail in prayer and leading you to your destination in life in Jesus name. Amen!

Prayer Points

1. Mark 3:35; Matthew 12:50. I receive the power and the grace to always be obedient to the will of God for my life, in the name of Jesus.

2. Luke 12:47. I reject the spirit of laziness and stubborness, I refuse to go against the will of God. Anything in me that will make me go the wrong direction,, be roasted now by the fire of God, in Jesus’ name.

3. John 7:17  I refuse to doubt the voice of the Holy Spirit in me, in the name of Jesus.

4. John 9:31  I will not lay my hands on anything that will not make God answer my prayers again, by His grace, in the name of Jesus.

5. Ephesians 6:6.  I receive the grace of God to do His will always from the bottom of my heart in the name of Jesus.

6. Hebrews 10:13. I receive of the Lord, the gift of faith and patience that will always enable me obtain God’s promises, in the name of Jesus.

7 1 John 2:17  I recieve, by faith, the power in the word of God, that I will make me an overcome in this life, in the name of Jesus.

8. 1 John 5:14-15  I reject and cast out of me every spirit that asks amiss. I receive the knowledge and power to always know the mind of God before opening my lips in prayers, in the name of Jesus.

9. Romans 8:27.  Because the Lord is praying for me, I shall excel in life in the name of Jesus.

10 John11:22  I decree that because I am quickened from sin as Jesus was quickened from the dead, because I am a joint heir of the kingdom of God with Christ Jesus, and because I am seated with Christ in the heavenly places, I obtain by faith, similiar divine favour that was upon Jesus, which made Him receive speedy answers to all His requests while on earth, in the name of Jesus.

11. Matthew 26:39  Therefore, let my will be lost in the will of God. Let the will of God always be my will. I obtain by faith, the grace, courage and strength to always bear any pain necessary in order to fulfil the will of God for my life. I receive the boldness and confidence to bear any shame in doing the will of God, in the name of Jesus.

12. Matthew 6:10  Therefore, let the will of God always prevail over every other will in my life, in Jesus’ name.

13. Luke 9:23  I receive divine grace and strength to take up my cross daily and follow Jesus Christ. Let my weaknesses be converted to strength. Father Lord, raise up intercessors who will always stand in the gap for me in times of need, in the name of Jesus.

14. Romans. 12:2  I declare that anything in my life stubbornly conforming to this present evil world, be melted by the fire of God. Let the word of God wash, cleanse and always renew my mind. By faith, I possess the divine energy to always do that which is good and abide by the perfect will of God, in the name of Jesus.

15. 2 Corinthians 8:5  I receive the spirit of readiness to always commit myself to the will of God. I receive the zeal of God to always give myself totally unto the things of God, in the name of Jesus.

16. Philippians. 2:13  The hands of God working in me to make me do His good will, will not be cut short by my shortcomings, in the name of Jesus.

17. Colossians 4:12  Father Lord, raise up for me my own Epaphras that will devotedly labour in prayer for me, in the name of Jesus.

18. 1 Thessalonians 4:3  Every lust of the eyes, the flesh and the heart in my life, be washed away by the blood of Jesus. Every attempt of the devil to defile and pollute the temple of God in me, be frustrated, in Jesus’ name.

19. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18  Father Lord, give me the testimonies that will always make me rejoice in You. Father Lord, give me the heart that will always appreciate every little thing You do for me. By faith, I receive the strength of prevailing prayers, in the name of Jesus.

20. 2 Peter 3:9  I declare that any besetting sin in me that is making the promises of God to slack in my life; I overcome you by the blood of the Lamb. Any power hindering the manifestations of the promises of God in my life, fall down and die and perish, in the name of Jesus.

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