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by Charles R. Swindoll  Scriptures: Leviticus 11:44

As Christians we live a life that is different—morally excellent, ethically beautiful.

It’s called a holy life. And God honors that. Because it’s like He is . . . .

All of our Christian lives we have sung the old hymn “Take Time to Be Holy.” Those words are true. It does take time to be holy. It certainly takes time to be mature.

It takes time to cultivate a walk with the Lord that begins to flow naturally because the enemy is so much more assertive and powerful than we . . . and so creative, so full of new ideas on how to derail us and demoralize us.

We need to lock onto the power that comes from God’s presence and invite Him to cleanse our thoughts, to correct our foul speech, to forgive us completely, and make us holy vessels, who, like the winged seraphim, spend our days bringing glory to His holy name.

Time helps you cultivate a walk with the Lord that begins to flow naturally.

— Charles R. Swindoll

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