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There are some strategies for dealing with gates that we will be looking at before we pray; (Part 3)

  • Gates are to be commanded to open and to be lifted, you can speak to gates and they will open, as in Psalm 24 that was read earlier. This is absolute dominion, and the beauty of being in the Lord is that what could not stop Him cannot stop you. Because the gates of hell could not stop Jesus from entering, the gates of Hell will never stop you from entering in the name of Jesus.

Make this Declaration concerning yourself now

As the gates of hell could not stop Jesus, because I am in the Lord Jesus Christ the gates of hell cannot stop me from entering and accessing the fullness of my blessings, I shall access the fullness of my blessings in Christ Jesus, through Christ Jesus, by Christ Jesus. I am more than a conqueror every gate of blessing that has been shut against me, Lift up your heads right now in the name of Jesus that the king of glory may come in. The Lord strong and might, the Lord mighty in battle, the Lord of hosts, commander of the armies of heaven. He is my Lord, my savior, my guide, my deliverer, Hallelujah, Amen.

When you are dealing with gates you need to be forceful, you don’t deal with gates anyhow. You can apply violence in dealing with satanic gates because what satanic gates do is to shut you out of your place of blessing, the blessings of God. A lot of inexplicable delays are as a result of doors that are shut, and this needs to be dealt with especially in our world of today. These satanic gates are busy creating hardship, engineering circumstances to wear out people, shrinking opportunities, blocking access to gainful employment (gates of blockade). What the devil does is to control every way he can and so he puts his demons at every gate as gatemen. If you bow to him he will allow you enter and if you refuse he will block you. That is why you need to send an earthquake power of God. Anything that has trapped you between gates is a prison and you need to blast your way out, just like Paul and Silas in Acts 16 they used one of the greatest and highly strategic weapons of dealing with gates which is high praise. Just like Paul and Silas, may you lead your jailers to Christ, those that block you will see the blessings of God in your life and they will be stars on your crown in Jesus name. This is the real Christianity that God wants in this end time, not the Christianity that carries bible and bows to Baal. You don’t negotiate with evil, you blast your way through evil. You don’t deodorize evil, you crush evil, you don’t associate with evil, because evil contaminates in order to consume. You don’t condone evil because the evil you condone will eventually consume you, that is why we need elders (intercessors) at the gate and if you fail to put them there the devil will put his demons because anywhere there is a vacuum, the kingdom of darkness takes over. That’s why the first assignment Jesus gave His disciples was to cast out devils, He didn’t say negotiate with them, or pacify them, neither did He say associate with them, He said cast them out. You need to ask God to have mercy on you and make up your mind to overthrow whoever is sitting at the gate of your blessings.

Psalm 107 vs. 16 – Gates are to be broken. There are some gates that need to be broken for you to be what God wants you to be. A gate that has become a seal of limitation should be shattered. A gate that has put you in a box and has become a prison it needs to be shattered, you blast it in the name of Jesus. You need to apply some spiritual violence standing at the gate otherwise the gate will bounce you back. May you not be bounced back in Jesus’ name, no gate will shut you off in the name of Jesus. It is important to press through if you are bounced, make sure you go through that gate no matter what it will take you, because another chapter of your life is about to open when you go through. That is why the devil likes to bounce people at the gates by creating bottle necks, but we will go through every bottle neck, and we will enter and take delivery and we will be established in the name of Jesus. God is interested in opening gates for us Isaiah 45 vs. 2, the gates of blessings shall never be shut against us again in the mighty name of Jesus.


Let the mighty hand of God strengthen me and go before to open all the gates of blessings ahead of my life in the mighty name of Jesus and I declare that the gate of blessings shall never be shut against me, my family, this fellowship, the gates of new nations shall never be shut against this fellowship and Ministry in the mighty name of Jesus, the gates of miracles, signs and wonders shall never be shut against us, we are pressing through and we are taking delivery of our blessings in Jesus’ name.

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