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                                             Part 4

At this point I’m inspired to release the power of the spoken blessing on a VERY special group of prayer forces on this site… they are silent co-laborers with me in the Vineyard.


The Prayer Blueprint for Lasting Breakthroughs Throughout 2018

For reasons of space and time, we can only pray a tiny fraction of these prayers here.

But right after the 14-day prayers at the gate of 2018, we will continue (without any break) with the follow-up programs.       

One More Thing

If I were to be your pastor, coach or mentor … you and everyone else would get at least a taste of being a prayer warrior.

It will taste strange and bitter to most 21st century believers.  And that’s fine.  No harm, no foul.   But for some… it will be SWEET nectar.  A thrill like nothing else they’ve ever experienced before.

Seeking to become a true prayer warrior will take you places in 2018 and beyond … and RELEASE to you things that were previously denied, delayed or diverted to someone else.

As you may already know, if you want to excel at anything you need some TRAINING.

Without proper training, you will just be beating the air… … and wasting YOUR time.

Please decide to take the time to learn HOW to pray result-oriented prayers in 2018.

REMEMBER…After performing miracles and walking with Jesus day in and day out, the disciples pleaded:
“Lord, teach us to pray, just as John taught his disciples”

If you are NOT greater than the disciples who walked, worked and lived with Jesus, you too should learn to PRAY. Make that a priority this year. It is never too late to start. Come along with and join our PrayerForce free.

Thank you for your precious time and attention.

Be An Overcomer all through 2018


Prayerforce Coach

 for more information go to http://cfwpc.edarcton,org

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