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It’s been a wildly victorious year. From storming the gates at the beginning of the year, we’ve never seen a year loaded with so many powerful testimonies of victory in every area of life.

Now! 2018 is quickly coming to a close. Only few days left.

But don’t panic.

It’s the PERFECT time to turn up the heat of your prayers and finish the year off with a BANG! That’s what prayerforce team are doing right now more about that in a moment.

But first…

Every race on earth is won at the end. The close of the year is the best time to push for your absolute best. It is also the time that the devil pushes his evil cohorts to complete their evil agenda to steal, to kill and to destroy (John 10:10a). Before I show how you can conclude 2018 with maximum success and jump into 2019 ready for your most amazing year yet…

Praise the LORD.

Time will fail me to recount the exploits of thousands of our Prayerforce from many countries around the world.

For instance, I just saw an intriguing one in a post.

But first, the back-story…

Every October I challenge them to go out and mentor others to the level that those ones in turn can confidently go out and do the same.

One of the Eagles turned her prayer guns to soul winning, the primary assignment for all believers.

Capping a long list of outstanding breakthroughs, she wrote this:

“One of Us Won A Tribe to Christ!”

“Individuals in the group have engaged in soul winning and are also mentoring souls. One of us won a tribe to Christ.  I wrote weekly teaching outlines to teach the Word of God and show them their rights now that they are born again this was done every Saturday at 5 pm as a cell meeting at their location. 

Now our Church has taken over, established a worship centre for Wednesday evening service and on Sundays transportation is provided to take them to the main Church.  Praise the Lord.”

Praise the LORD.

You should see how Heaven is rejoicing over the exploits of these ones.

The door of testimonies is still open. Next…

There are 2 crucial things you can do to join the victory parade right away. Plus conclude 2018 with maximum victory and jump into 2019 ready for your most breakthrough year yet!

I’ll share the first one here… and the second one in the New Year (inside the prayerforce blog. Visit >>>  https://cfwpc.edarcton.org/page_id=84  


Have you ever heard of the 1-Step, 1-Punch, 1-Round prayer strategy?

It is an all-conquering prayer secret of the ancient prayer warriors now adapted for the modern times.

The Prophet Elijah was a great practitioner of this. I shared it in my daily email a while ago. Here’s what I said:

 ‘One step, one punch, one round at a time’

Don’t get overwhelmed by how much trouble the enemy is shoveling your way. Don’t get bogged down with the mindless chatter on social media about how the heaven is falling.

Don’t even worry about anyone’s opinions and criticisms of you. This night when you walk into your prayer closet, please just take it … ‘One step, one punch, one round at a time’. Meaning:

  1.     Log into the Prayer closet (one step)
  2.    Start with the first prayer bullet (one punch)
  3.    Soon you will get to all the prayer bullets for that session (one round).

Do that day after day and you will receive all the answers to your prayers and claim your share of the huge wave of divine blessings, newly released from the storehouses of Heaven.

Let me repeat that:
 Whether you’re in the Prayerforce or the any prayer group, all you have to do to receive your last-minute blessings for this year is:

Just one step, one punch, one round at a time.

I don’t want to hear anyone say they have prayed everything they know of and do not know what to pray again. Wrong. Just One step, one punch, one round at a time … from this night onward.

Prophet Isaiah put it more eloquently:

“For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept;
line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little” – Isaiah 28:10

For most 21st century believers their problem is knowing what prayers to pray when confronted with specific troubles. Not so for our Prayerforce inside the House.

Whatever else you do I encourage you to make a plan to join them in the New Year, whenever the Prayer Riots are announced.

Now, the Prayer House has been called the “Upper Room for 21st Century Christians”. And there is a reason for that.  You see…

Many believers are finding it harder and harder to sustain much prayer fire on their own, day after day, especially when it appears that Heaven is silent.

As the enemy steps up vicious attacks in the dream, on the marriage, on the family, even on your prayer life…

That’s when you MUST repair to a highly confidential virtual location on the Internet where seasoned Prayerforce commander from different countries congregate for prophetic, warfare prayers and deep intercession.

The prayerforce commanders are also there to support one another.

Talking about your problems with someone who has been trained in our manner of prayer can make the difference between victory and defeat.

The first thing you learn is that you are NOT alone. And what you’re going through is not abnormal. Even when your troubles seem to be overwhelming, there are prayerforce and Advisors available 24/7 to support you, help you cope, pray with you and help interpret your dreams. There are Dream Advisors on site too. They will even agree with you in prayer and share the precision-guided prayer arrows that helped them overcome a similar attack from the enemy. Oh yes, many have walked in your shoes. This is pure gold.  And it gets even better. Because finding out how others successfully dealt with the same nonsense that the enemy is throwing at you can change everything.

Seriously often, just discovering that you’re not alone in what you’re suffering through, that others have successfully navigated similar troubles can re-ignite your spiritual fire so much that you see yourself leaping across all satanic barriers to the finish line victoriously.

The Prayerforce Commanders Training is the HIGHEST level of prayer coaching we currently offer.

It trains Christian Prayerforce to war a victorious warfare in their communities and enforce our Lord’s mandate to:

  “Occupy till I come” – Luke 19:13

The 7 Furious Prayers you are about to see have been “borrowed” with permission from the Prayerforce Commanders House.

Young woman desperate interceding for God’s intervention


For these prayers to work as intended, you must surrender your life to the Lord Jesus Christ. You must be genuinely born again. Nothing else will do. The prayers I’m about to share here will only work for children of God. As you pray them, the LORD will answer you in Jesus name.

7 Furious Prayers for December 2018

Scripture Ingredient: Isaiah 62:2: And the nations will see your righteousness, and all kings your glory; And you will be called by a new name,
Which the mouth of the LORD will name (please personalize by changing “your” to “my”, “you” to “I”).

Begin with Praise and worship

  1. I reclaim all the ground that I’ve lost to Satan this year in Jesus name.
  2. By the stripes of Jesus, I curse every root of infirmity in my life to die in Jesus name.
  3. Every negative prophecy spoken over my life and family by anyone living or dead, be cancelled and be nullified by the power of the blood of Jesus.
  4. In Jesus name I separate myself from every tribal blood covenant by the power of the blood of Jesus.
  5. In the name of Jesus, I nullify every covenant / agreement, oath and promise made at evil altars by me or anyone representing me in the past, present and future by the power of the blood of Jesus Christ.
  6. From today, I prophetically declare victory in all my dream battles in Jesus name.
  7. Every decree of untimely death issued against me and my family, be revoked by the blood of Jesus, catch fire and burn to ashes in Jesus name.

Remember to thank the LORD for answering your prayers.

REMEMBER: Jesus is Lord.

Be an Overcomer in Jesus Mighty Name.


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