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Here’s Your 14-Day Prayer Plan and Preparation At The Gate of 2019 and beyond. 

This year we will begin our close-out prayers at the midnight hour of Sunday, December 30. 

We will enter into the New Year, firing on all cylinders, praying like a hungry lion through December 31 to New Year’s Day, Tuesday, January 1, 2019. 

We will continue our prayers everyday – day and night – till Saturday, January 12, 2019. 

A total of 14 days. 

Then we’ll change the realm of our prayers, as we enter another level for those ALREADY signed up for the Prayerfroce Coaching.

Next level  will be announced at the right time.  

Calling All Our Prayer Warrior to arise in war like prayerforce and lift up a standard against the forces of evil and wickedness in high places.

We are going into fasting like the prophets and apostles of old. 

From Sunday, December 30, 2018 fasting is mandatory unless you have a medical condition that precludes fasting – please check with your doctor. 

All prayerforce membership on this site are to embark on a fasting-prayer program as follows – 

(Again please check with your doctor if you can fast, please do Not ask me as I’m not a physician): 

Sun, Dec. 30, 2018  –           Partial fast (morning until 2:00 PM) 

Mon, Dec.31, 2018   –          Start of Esther Fast – DAY 1 

Tues, Jan.1, 2019     –           Esther Fast Cont’d – DAY 2 

Wed, Jan.2, 2019     –            End of Esther Fast (6:00 PM) – DAY 3 

Thurs, Jan. 3, 2019  –            Partial Fast (Morning till 2/3:00 PM) 

Fri, Jan. 4, 2019       –           Partial Fast (Morning till 2/3:00 PM) 

Sat, Jan. 5, 2019      –           Partial Fast (Morning till 2/3:00 PM) 

Sun, Jan. 6, 2019     –           Partial Fast (Morning till 2/3:00 PM) 

Mon, Jan.7, 2019     –           Partial Fast (Morning till 2/3:00 PM) 

Tues, Jan. 8, 2019    –           Partial Fast (Morning till 2/3:00 PM) 

Wed, Jan. 9, 2019    –           Partial Fast (Morning till 2/3:00 PM) 

Thurs, Jan.10, 2019 –           Partial Fast (Morning till 2/3:00 PM) 

Fri, Jan.11, 2019      –           Partial Fast (Morning till 2/3:00 PM) 

Sat, Jan.12, 2019     –           Partial Fast (Morning till 2/3:00 PM)

Very Important:

The Proper Way to Break a Fast
(Suggestion only – not medical advice !)

You should not eat heavy meals at least 2 days before a long fast. Rather you should take MORE fruits and drink a lot of water. 

When you break your fast, you should never break with solid food. You must break slowly. DO not take any cold water or drinks. Warm water is preferable. Eat fruits such as oranges, paw-paw, etc. for a while and drink a lot of water before attempting to eat any solid food. 

When you have been on a long fast, you will need some days to slowly break. For instance, if you fasted for 7 days, you’ll need another 3 days to slowly break – meaning in the following 3 days you should be on a diet of fruits and water, before introducing any heavy food. 

This is because the end of a long fast is the most delicate time of a fast. For those who did not conquer their appetite during the fast, there is a danger that they might overeat right after the fast, thereby causing severe problems for themselves. 

In the event of that happening, quickly stop eating and begin another fast without food and water for at least 2 days and you should be alright. 

Let me repeat this:

Please NOTE that this is not a medical prescription. Always seek the advice of your doctor before taking any action that could affect your health. What I have just said here should NOT be taken as medical advice. 

Now to the prayers 

All the prayers should be prayed AT THE MIDNIGHT HOUR. You should also find time during the day to continue with the prayers. 

If, however, because of your work schedule, you are not able to pray at the midnight hour, then you should pray VERY early in the morning before 6:00 AM. 

No excuses please. 

If you do this diligently, you will surely experience the visitation of the LORD, the One who ordained this program. For reasons of space and time, we can only pray a tiny fraction of these prayers here. 

But right after the 14-day prayers at the gate of 2019, we will continue without any break with the follow-up programs I’ve mentioned already.   

Please NOTE the following:

 For those in the current Prayerforce Coaching 

You will suspend all the prayers of the Prayerforce for 14 days starting on Dec 30.

At the end of the program on January 12, 2019 you will resume with the Prayerforce lesson FOR THAT WEEK. Please make a note of the 14 days that you suspended the lessons. You will go back and pray them at the end of the Post-Marathon prayers. 

  For All Others 

You can join our Coaching by going through the Prayerforce training first.  

Thank you for your precious time and attention.

Be An Overcomer all through 2019 and beyond.         
 Prayerforce Coach

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