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(Psalms 24:7-10)

If you wandering what I mean by what I say, don’t worry, just pay close attention. Read through and will understand what I’m about to share now!

Calvary greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,  

The prophetic key for 2018 has been released already. It can be summed up in 4 simple words. This one should NEVER be left to amateurs. I’ll explain that in a minute.

But first; The spiritual realm has shifted. We’re heading in a new direction. The enemy has relaunched a new kind of warfare. The first thing he’s after is to disable your EARLY WARNING system in the spirit. So you hear NOTHING; and see nothing in the spirit. That’s a sure ticket down the path of destruction, giving birth to wrong decisions in life, relationships, investments, finances, ministry, career, and many more, etc.

Whereas the LORD wants to do the opposite:

God want to sharpen your ability to “discern” His voice and act as His Spirit prompts you. The enemy and his cohorts of darkness desperately want to take that capability away from you.


So, they can divert your destiny, send counterfeit blessings your way, and tear your life and family apart one piece at a time, God forbid.

How do they plan to go about this?

First, they shut down your prayer life meaning no discernment, no divine dreams, no godly visions. Next, they will launch brazen spiritual arrows from all directions… against your life, health, marriage, job, career, finances, family, relationships and everything you hold dear.

However your spiritual ability to “discern” the voice of the LORD is a make-or-break issue that you should NEVER leave to amateurs, or wolves in sheep’s clothing, or even well-meaning friends and relations.

In the year coming, don’t leave it to others to see “visions” for you.

In the year coming, don’t leave it to others who claim to be praying for you.

Look at these 2 emails:

I praise God so much for the Prayer program.
I just completed fasting and praying tonight and looking forward for more post on prayer points to aim me in my prayer life.
God has been faithful who has seen me through this program and taught me
how battles are won.

I no longer run around looking for pastors to pray for me.
I have become a prayer warrior not just for myself but for my family and relation.
Witchcraft perpetrators in the extended family have been exposed and slowly
repentance is coming.

Actually one pastor whose office I used to frequent a minimum 3 times
a week thinks I have backslided because I stopped going to him to solicit for prayers. In wisdom I actually also choose not to mention anything about prayerforce coaching to him because he had once forbidden me from fasting and when I disobeyed and did an Esther fast he said it’s not good for my health. — Sister BB

Here’s the next one:

I wish I could see you in person to tell you all about it. All I can say is God bless you. I have learned a lot from you and still learning. I have grown to a level where God’s voice is so clear to me. I get revelation of what the bible scriptures mean without anybody interpreting. 2017 was a year of favour and victory big time. I have started to note down all instances where I had an encounter with God as they as significant moment to tell and to remember. — Brother JE

This coming year 2019 it is time for you to hear God’s voice clearly and become your own personal prophet!

When biblical prophets roamed the earth in the days of old, they were, first and foremost, prayer warrior with Eagle wings to fly and Eagle eye to see in the spirit realms, as scriptures describe it the book of Isaiah 40:31.

Today, perhaps more than at any other time in human history, every serious believer needs to urgently transform into a prophetic prayer warrior like eagle.

  1. In order to war a victorious warfare against the enemy of our souls.
  2. Wreck havoc in the camp of forces of evil and wickedness.
  3. And render their evil assignment against your life impotent and useless.

How do you do that successfully? You’re about to see in a moment.

Before we go one step further, we need to pause for prayers.

Please close your eyes and take these 3 prayers like a volcanic eruption.

  1. Any satanic animal living inside my body, come out now and die, in the mighty name of Jesus.
  2. Let the stronghold of debt be destroyed from my life today in the name of Jesus.    
  3. LORD, for the myriad times I’ve failed to ask counsel from you, please forgive me.

Praise the LORD.

When you follow this 3-step teaching, before long you will be able to say like Brother PE:

“I have grown to a level where God’s voice is so clear to me.”

At that level

  1. Your prayers will begin to pack enough dynamite, fire and fury to break the satanic altars and networks targeted against your life.
  2. Your prayers especially at the midnight hour will totally destroy the enemy’s capability to wage war against you in 2019 and beyond.
  3. This is a side benefit your prayers will make further attacks against your dream life too painful and costly for the enemy to continue.
  4. Your prayers will be anointed to go out and locate the enemy’s capability and shut it down in the realm of the spirit (meaning most of the attacks you’re seeing today will cease all of a sudden and you’ll experience a great calm).

This Blueprint opened with a conversation that took place between me and the One who gave me this mandate.

Admittedly, that might sound strange to many people reading this.

So, before we get into the message proper, I’ll show you another conversation. One that you can relate to, if you have ever worked in an office setting. It is between two people working in the same office somewhere in an undisclosed location in the world.

Now here is the back story

For 8 years Prayerforce member by name D was stagnant in one position even though she was long overdue for a promotion. She would take on acting positions, but others would be given the position. One day Holy Spirit revealed to her things no one knew.

She was filled with holy anger. And she prayed a prayer of divine uprootion and divine evacuation. The whirlwind of the Lord took over powerfully.

Suddenly two top managers resigned on their own. Another was given the option to resign or be fired. Two more were demoted and transferred to local branches.

When the dust settled, only she was left sitting at head office. She was promoted to a management position. One day someone visited her in the office and this strange conversation ensued.

Strange Visitor:

You must be a strong witch. Whichever witch doctor you went to is powerful. Please take me there so I too can deal with my enemies.

Prayer Warrior D:

Laughing; I’m no witch. I’m just a born-again believer and disciple of our Lord Jesus Christ. And He has made me to be head of the heathen (Ps. 18:43), and that means the Lord has put me over and above witches and other beggarly powers.

Strange Visitor:

Looking confused; but, we have already dealt with all born-again Christians in this organization. There can never be another!

Then it dawned on her. Many of her colleagues had died this year. Others had lost their loved ones. Now she knew why! The Mighty One of Jacob preserved her.

Today, two of her friends have joined the Prayerforce training on this site. One more is planning to join in the New Year. And many more are coming to her for help.

All you need to do is to pay close attention for the PRAYER ARROWS that will be release soon in the Prayer Marathon, starting 30th December 2018 to 12th January 2019! Don’t mist it.

Because if you get this you’ll be off to the races. And 2019 will go on record as your signal year of supernatural enlargement, healing and divine protection for you and everyone under your spiritual covering.

This time last year, on these same pages, I shared 3 simple insights.

Armed with those simple tips, our prayerforce members found themselves running rings around the enemy of their destiny all through the year. For countless thousands, it was the best of years, yet for others not so much

So, let me hold on here for a brief and release the PRAYER ARROWS at the appoint time and date. Be ready now to soar upward with wings of the wind like an Eagle do.

Come back again, in the next few days more prayer arrows for the coming year will be available here for you.

Rest of the story is just about knocking at your door soon! Get prepared in advance NOW!


Prayerforce  Coach.


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