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In the book of Job 5:12 Scriptures says “He disappoints the devices of the crafty, so that their hands cannot perform their enterprise”.

Acts 17:25-27 Again scriptures place emphasis on 26… “And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth and hath determined the times before appointed and the bounds of their habitation”.

Beloved, prayerforce partners. I humbly entreat each one of us that in our family devotions hour, groups’ prayer network and in our own individual prayer times, to uphold the continent of Africa and precisely the land of our birth Ghana, our beloved country in serious intercessory warfare. This is at the instance of the statement made by the wife of Bill Gates; that she sees dead bodies all over Africa. The God of all flesh who is no respecter of persons will frustrate and diabolic plan to set the above statement rolling. God sits on His throne and judges righteously. God safe Africa, God save Ghana and God preserve our lives from the hand of wicked people who have no love for African. Thank you all.

This is conspiracy predetermine by some ungodly men to make sure that black man (Africans per say) should not live but die. This wicked plan must come to an end to the glory of God. This conspiracy is against people of color, let’s intensify our prayers in this direction to abort and terminate all their hidden agenda.  Our God hears and he answers the prayers of his people, so let unit in prayer force now to demolish every evil plan of these wicked people in Jesus mighty name.

Call to pray is a call to duty, let’s rise and declare war in the supernatural. The next generation of African children will remember you and bless you for your sacrifice today. Thank you.

Pray for the Nations of Africa

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Prayer for Africa

Dear God For the love of Africa Hear my prayer

Africa is the cradle of your creation.

Therefore, grant me patience
To nurture growth and goodness
In this great land

Africa is the rainbow of your heavens
Therefore, grant me tolerance
To celebrate difference and diversity
Across this wide continent

Africa is the drumbeat of your heart
Therefore, grant me courage
To offer comfort and compassion
In the face of her people’s trials

To the prisons of poverty in Africa
Let me bring the liberation of choice
And to the deserts of her suffering
Cool streams of relief

To the tunnels of deception in Africa
Let me bring lamps of truth
And to the jungles of her conflict
Flags of reconciliation

To the caves of despair in Africa
Let me bring voices of hope
And to the swamps of her fear
Whispers of comfort

Wherever Africa teaches her children
Share the lessons of my fading past
And where she dreams of tomorrow
Set my feet on the path of progress

Wherever Africa raises her leaders
Judge my support by democracy’s voice
And where she breathes in community
Join my breath with inspiration

Wherever Africa cherishes her wilderness
Mark my celebration of nature’s bounty
And where she cares for her people
Watch my spirit swell with love

For the love of Africa
Hear my prayer
Dear God

By Wayne Visser 

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