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The People of Mozambique are located in Southern Africa. One of the poorest Nation in the world today. Heavy rainfall has overtaken them and their country is almost buried by the rising waters. Kindly offer a prayer for them now!

Kindly watch this video below

  1. Pray for divine intervention in the Land of Mozambique Nation. (Southern Africa)
  2. Ask God to pardon their sins, transgression, iniquities and be merciful unto them.
  3. Pray that their hearts will turn unto God for salvation in Jesus Christ.
  4. Pray for the Local Churches to be strong to witness the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  5. Ask God favor and spiritual direction of Church Leaders in Mozambique Nation.
  6. Pray for the Government and its Leadership to seek after God help and solutions.
  7. Pray that the current event will make the people turn their heart to God and worship Him.
  8. Ask God to send more relief agencies to assist in providing help to the people.
  9. Pray that rising rainfall water level will decease and that no one dies as result of the rainfalls.
  10. Pray for pregnant women and children to be delivered and properly care for.
  11. Pray for Holy Ghost Revival in the Land and people of Mozambique.
  12. Ask God to move other rich nations to come to the aid today.
  13. Pray for medical team from other countries be to dispatch as a matter of urgency to provide medical reliefs to them today.

Pray and never stop praying, pray as the Spirit of God moves your heart for the people of Mozambique located in Southern Africa.

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