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The whole Armour of God.

When God created heaven and the earth, the Bible recounts that the earth was without form and darkness was on the surface of the deep (Genesis 1:3) and God said let there be light and there was light and God separated the light from Darkness. It is important to note that God didn’t destroy the darkness but only separated it from the light. In Ephesians 6:12, we are made to understand that we wrestle against principalities and rulers of Darkness. Again, in 2Peter 2:4, we are again reminded that these rulers of Darkness are fallen, angels.

Armour of God
Armour of God

Therefore, the Darkness that covered the surface of the deep in Genesis 1:3 was referring to Satan and his fallen angels. In Mathew 25:41, Jesus said that hell or the everlasting fire was created for the Devil and his angels which is the final judgement. Therefore, when God separated the light from darkness, he separated the Devil and his angels from his kingdom and delivered them into chains of darkness reserved for judgement. So, Devil and his angels were around when God was creating the things on earth. Because of this, there was the need to protect his creation from the influence of the rulers of darkness. For the animals and everything on earth, Man was the armour or covering or protection.

Armour of God
Armour of God

In order to protect Man from the influence and lies of the rulers of Darkness, God placed Man in Eden. In Genesis 2, When God created Adam it says that God took Adam and placed him in the garden of Eden which He had prepared. What is Eden? In Ezekiel 28:13, we are made to understand that Eden is not a physical place or location on earth but the environment and atmosphere of God. Therefore, when God placed Adam in Eden, He placed him in His environment and presence. Adam’s covering and protection was therefore Eden. It is also important to note that before God created anything, he created the environment first because the environment was necessary for the survival of that particular creature.

The environment was therefore the armour or protection for the creature to ensure its survival and longevity. For example, fish needs water to survive and as long as they are in the water, they will survive but the moment they leave that environment they will malfunction and die.

The armour that God created for Man to ensure his survival was His Will and manifest presence. As stated earlier, Eden means the presence and environment of God. So, from the beginning, it was always the intent of God that Man had an armour. The armour of God that has been sanctioned and approved by heaven is THE WILL OF GOD. The armour of God for Man is, therefore, the WILL OF GOD. What is the WILL OF GOD? The WILL OF GOD is His mind and intents for Man. In Mathew 6, when the disciples said asked Jesus how to pray, He said when you pray, pray that His will be done on earth just as it is in heaven. According to Jesus before you pray you to have to understand the will of God in order to understand and stand under the Will of God. Our protection and victory are in walking and fighting in and according to the will of God.

In Genesis 3:7, Adam and Eve became naked because of sin. Now you can’t be naked if you were not first clothed. So, Adam and Eve became naked because they lost a covering or an armour. They lost the armour of God which protected them against the wiles of the enemy. Therefore, sin is what destroys the armour of God in our lives. The moment sin penetrated the demons followed. And the first demon that attacked was the spirit of fear. When Man lost his armour, it opened the door for Man to be attacked by the armies of the Kingdom of Darkness. The loss of the armour came with poverty, sickness, sexual immorality, murder, lies, cheating, hate, anger and every manner of thing contrary to God. But thanks be to God who sent His beloved SON to die for us. GOD died on the cross to cover us with His blood or His life. Jesus came and died on the cross to give us back our armour so that we can wrestle and gain a winning advantage over the kingdom of Darkness. Beloved the Whole Armour of God is walking and living in the will of God.


  1. LORD JESUS, I plead by your covenant blood that any sin that easily besets be destroyed and taken away. Hebrews 12:1.
  2. LORD JESUS, I plead through your redemptive blood that any weight and burden that is dragging me and delaying my breakthrough and progress in life be destroyed and taken away. Hebrew 12:1
  3. LORD JESUS, cause my eye to be open to your and purpose for my life. Psalm 139:14-17.
  4. LORD JESUS, let anything or anyone that causes nakedness in my life be destroyed and eliminated.
  5. LORD JESUS, destroy the garment of filth that gives room for the devil to resist me in your presence and cloth me with the garment of holiness and righteousness. Zechariah 3:1-4.
  6. LORD JESUS, I call on your name today, have mercy on my soul through your everlasting kindness and mercy and erase the handwriting of sin against me. Isaiah 54:8.
  7. LORD JESUS, turn to foolishness the voices that accuse me day and night before you through your holy blood. Revelation 12:10.

By Pastor Fred Otsiwah

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