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Helping to Reach the Unreached for Christ

What to do

◆During service on Pentecost Sunday, 9th June , 2019 , play the video in your language of choice to your congregation.
◆Please call the congregation to fervent prayer after watching video.
◆Send this videos out to all WhatsApp groups in your church and media platforms on Sunday. Ask the congregation to send it viral.
◆Please help reach other ministers of the gospel with this information.
Thanks for helping to reach the Unreached

Suggested Prayer Areas.

◆Praise God for the gift and outpouring of His Holy Spirit during Pentecost. Ask for a fresh wave of the Spirits fire and power on the global Church that will inure to world evangelization ( Acts 1:8, 2).
◆Breaking down barriers to the gospel in human hearts is God’s work. Thank Him. Pray that He will speak to hardened, hurting and disillusioned hearts among Buddhists, Hindus, Traditionalists, Moslems and Secularists (Ezek. 36:26).
◆Ask that the 19 Unreached People Groups in Ghana and the approximately 7000 around the world will receive missionaries and the true, unadulterated gospel to facilitate their salvation (Rom. 15:20)
◆Thank God for Bible translation and distribution agencies around the world. Ask Him to help these agencies produce Bibles in the heart languages of Unreached People Groups. Pray for financial and all other resources needed for global evangelization and effective discipleship. (Hag.2:8).
◆Thank God for His keeping and faithfulness. Pray that He will continue to protect, help and guide mission workers to preserve in service. Ask that the persecuted church will also experience an amazing portion of God’s keeping and protection (Jude 24, Rev. 2:8-10).
◆Pray that God will expose all plans of terrorists in the world. Ask that they run out of resources. Pray that any attacks on the Church will be foiled (Is.54:17;Ps.68:1)

Prayer for Unreached
Prayer for the Unreached People

*Pray and Never stop Praying for the Lost Mankind. Pray for the Land of your Birth. Jesus is Lord of ALL*.

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