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Called to fight

called to fight

The Christian life is one of constant warfare and battles. Failure to understand this will lead to disappointments and frustration. In the scripture above, Paul reminded Timothy that God has called him to be a soldier and should see himself as a soldier. But why should we see ourselves as soldiers?

  1. Because man was created at a time when there was war and darkness was already on the earth. In Genesis 1, it can clearly be seen that God didn’t destroy the Darkness but separated it from the Light. The Darkness here stands for the kingdom of Satan. The Devil and his angels were casted down to the earth waiting for their final judgement. The responsibility was to keep the Devil and his angels out of the affairs of men. We were to follow the footsteps of God by separating the light from the Darkness. To do this God gave us the authority in Genesis 1:26 to dominate the earth and made us the legal entities on earth to cast out, pull down and establish the kingdom of God on earth.
  2. The forces that we are arrayed against us are not friends or brothers. These are defeated and wounded soldiers who still seek to rebel and take over the kingdom of God. Revelations 12: 12 scripture reminds us that the Devil has been cast down with great wrath. These fallen angels are aggressive and are on to takeover through force not peace. Therefore, we have to equally use force and aggression to cast them out in the name and power of the Lord.
  3. Since the fall of man in Genesis, whenever the children of God had to be liberated or get a blessing, there had to be fight between the kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Darkness. The whole book Exodus reiterates the battles between the children of God and children of the Devil. Before the liberation of Israel there had to be a fight, before Israel took over the promise land they had to fight. Everything in the kingdom of God is gotten through fight.

Why should we fight if Jesus has won the battle?

It is important to note that the warfare of the Christian is one fought to establish that which has already been won in the spiritual realms. God who is a man of war has already won the war and the responsibility of the children is to enforce the victory won by taken the battles to the gates of the enemy on earth. The reason it has to be enforced is that God has given the earth to man (Psalm 115:16) and it is our responsibility not His to do this on earth. The advantage of the devil has is the ignorance of Christians of what Christ has already won for them and more importantly ignorance of the fact that it is their responsibility to enforce and establish this on earth through prayer.

This is where prayer comes in. Prayer is the legal weapon sanctioned and approved by the F.D.A (the Foreign Directorate of the Almighty) to arrest, cast out, dismantle and destroy the works of the Kingdom of Darkness. Prayer is the channel or conduit through which the Kingdom of God is established on earth. Our mouths were created to proclaim that which has been established in heaven. No matter the revelation you get if you don’t enforce through prayer and faith, you will not benefit from it.

Prayer Points;

  1. Lord Jesus I plead through your covenant blood that every battle that You have won for me in the spirit, I enforce it on the earth and in my life.
  2. Lord Jesus, I stand as your humble servant and enforce your Will on earth just as it is in Heaven. (Mathew 6:10)
  3. Lord Jesus you’re Our God, the man of war, I plead through your blood and take dominion over the earth and every sphere of my life. (Genesis 1:26)
  4. As legal occupants and stewards of the earth given by God, we stand in agreement through the blood of JESUS and cast out any works of Darkness in any part of the earth. (Psalm 115:16).
  5. I stand on the accomplished works of Jesus and plead through the Death and resurrection of Jesus Christ that anything, every spirit and any human being that seeks to end my life and the life of my family prematurely be destroyed. (2Timothy 1:10)
  6. Lord Jesus I rebuke every spirit and human agent that seeks to destroy your Will for my life. And I contend with any familiar spirit that seeks to bring any failure in my family and in my life in Jesus mighty name. (Ephesians 2:10).
  7. Lord Jesus open my eyes and grant me understanding to know and take possession of things that has been given to your children freely by grace. (1Corinthians 2:12).
  8. Lord Jesus, I receive the newness of life that comes by accepting you as my savoir in every area of my life and I bring under full subjection any part of my life that is not subjected unto Your authority in the name of Jesus. (2Corinthians 5:17)
  9. Lord Jesus I plead the blood of Jesus to destroy any generational sickness imposed on me through no fault of my own be rooted out in the name Jesus. (1Peter 2:24).
  10.   Lord Jesus, I claim and receive good things of God that comes with the kingdom of God into my life now.

Thank you, Lord, for answering my Prayer in Jesus Mighty Name. AMEN.

By Pastor Fred Ofori Otsiwah.

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